Insta-Virtual Assistant

Administrative support right at your fingertips.

Got a one-off project that you’d like to get off your plate? Stop pulling your hair out doing tasks that you dread doing. If you’ve got a project that you finally want to check off your list or need a second pair of eyes on but can’t employ a full-time assistant, I can help.

I provide project solutions for creatives that are too busy to just get ‘er done or don’t feel like doing it themselves.

*Note, this is categorized as a freelance job and I will not become an employee of your company*

There are many times in my life that people have told me that I should’ve been a teacher. I think it’s mostly because I’m able to explain complex concepts in super simple terms, or maybe it’s because I’m patient and kind. I’ll give you a little kick in the pants when needed, but in a very loving, from the heart way.

Being a photographer has always been my dream and I’ve spent over 20 years learning, growing and doing – to make it a reality. As a mentor, I’m an open book. I share the things that has worked well and also the things that haven’t.

Accountability Coaching

Stay on track to meet your business goals.

No more procrastination. Say goodbye to excuses and hello to productivity! Tough love, but nothing but love to help you reach your full potential.


Sometimes you just need someone who just get’s it…

Let’s kick around idea’s like we’re kickin’ it at an old school party! I’m a great resource to bounce ideas off of so you can determine if you’re going in the right direction. If you’re not feeling 100% confident in whatever you’re developing, let’s have a chat to get your creative juices flowing.

Photography Sessions

Photographers, Let me capture your family!

***I’m available for travel***

It’s so often we take pictures of our clients and of our own children. When was the last time you had a photo session for your own family? Ones where you get to enjoy the experience that you give to others and are actually in your family photos!

I’m passionate about shooting other photographers family sessions because I know all too well how difficult it can be.

 Mentoring through Everyday Films School

Already know the basics? Fine-tune your video skills!


♥  I’m the Course and Community Ambassador at Fearless and Framed, a Documentary Community that encourages photographers to photograph freely.

♥  I mentor at Everyday Films School providing 1:1 mentoring for photographers looking to step up their game in their video technique.

♥  I’m a photography philanthropist. I use my photography skills for good! I’m a volunteer photographer for The Gold Hope Project and Spectrum Inspired (both organizations that give free sessions to children and families who have incredible life stories) and Beauty Revived.