Accelerate Your Photography Business!

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There are SO many valuable ways you can spend your time in your business.

Spinning your wheels while being non-productive isn’t one of them.

I get it.

Running a photography business is HELLA stressful. I know this because I’ve been running mine for 6 years with only the last 2 of them actually being successful.

Here’s what I wish I knew before opening up shop or had done in those beginning years of business.

If I could turn back time (hello Cher), I would’ve made smarter investments not only with my money but also with my TIMEI would’ve focused on my own expertise instead of trying to learn + do all the things that someone else could easily do in a fraction of the time.

You see, when I got into this business, no one told me how lonely it was or isolating it would be. Not having co-workers/someone to talk to about projects or vent is an adjustment. And no one told me about the never-ending administrative tasks that would suck the living life right out of you. No one told me that I’d soon develop a love-hate relationship with the very thing that I was once so passionate about.

Running a photography business is 80% administrative tasks and only 20% shooting.

In my opinion, it feels more like a 90 to 10 split ⎯ but hey I’m not a statistical expert. 

You’ve probably already figured this out and are feeling the pain, otherwise you wouldn’t have landed here looking for a solution.

The truth is, if you want to be 100% shooting all the time, then you should probably just stick to doing photography as a hobby. But if you want to earn some damn money and be profitable then you’re gonna have to roll up your sleeves and tackle your ever-loading To Do list.

But like I mentioned, this takes you away from the thing that you love most. And you’re faced with the dilemma of, “Do I really have to do it all by myself?”

You know that you have to, but you don’t really wanna…

And there’s just no way you’d able to hire/build a team of people to do all these things for you (yet, at least).

So what’s a gal to do?

Don’t worry, whatever stage in business you’re in, I offer a variety of levels of support that’ll have you to earning your productivity badge in no time + wear it with pride. 


Here’s how I can help:

Insta-Virtual Assistant |
Administrative Support at your Fingertips

Let’s kick those pesky and mundane time sucking admin tasks to the curb once and for all. If you’re dreaming of freeing up more time so you can actually do what you love (which is taking pictures not being a slave to your computer) this is the perfect solution to your problem.


Accountability Coaching | Stay on Track to Meet your Business Goals

Hold you accountable in reaching your goals. If you’re a big-time procrastinator and you just need someone to crack the whip – I’m your girl. 😉 If you’re the type of person that performs super well through instruction, this is for you. 


Brainstorming Sessions | Get your Creative Juices Flowing

Have a fun and casual convo about your photo business and brainstorm ideas you may be feeling a little bit unsure of – because sometimes you just need someone who just gets it… (and your hubby, mom, bestie or FB group threads ain’t cutting it – am I right?) You’ll leave this session feeling refreshed and confident about your new project or idea.


I Can’t Imagine Running My Business Without Her

When you get a headache from rolling your eyes at friends & colleagues who tell you how “great” and “creative” you are without offering any substance, get Eboni on the phone! You’ll quickly wonder how you ever lived without her.

Aleksandra Gajdeczka

 Why Work With Me?

I've got over 10 years of experience as a high-level executive assistant for VP's and Chairmen. Although I love using my creative side of my brain, organization and admin tasks are sort of my jam ⎯ it's my way of putting my self-diagnosed OCD to good use. 

My professionalism help me move up the ladder rather quickly and after leaving my career as a Residency Program Coordinator for Internal Medicine, I went back to my first love which is photography. To bridge the gap of both professions that I'm incredibly good at, I got a gig as a virtual assistant working with Marie Masse, Founder of Fearless and Framed whom I've been happily assisting for over 2 years now.


Are ya feeling my vibe but  sure what's the best way we can work together?

No problem! Schedule a 15min consultation call so we can discuss your needs. <3