::presses play button, Who’s that girl pumps out the speaker::

If I were famous I imagine that this would be the intro as I walked across the stage to introduce myself. But I’m not, I’m simply Eboni so I’ll just make a casual introduction.

 Call Me Ebi (pronounced ebb – bee) 

I’m a born and raised city kid living out my dreams in the suburbs of Long Island. I’m a newly single-mama of two awesome kiddos, doing my best trying to win at life. You’ll find this tank top and jeans wearing gal drinking green smoothies for my health and red wine for my sanity! When I’m not photographing, filming or mentoring, I help build relationships + connections with photographers alike within the documentary community.

I’m on a mission to find my tribe while forging my way through this creative entrepreneurial life.

Come join me in my journey, I promise I’m a good time.

My Street Cred


I’m the Course and Community Ambassador at Fearless and Framed, a Documentary Community that encourages photographers to photograph freely.

I’m a mentor at Everyday Films School, and provide 1:1 mentoring for photographers looking to step up their game in their video technique.

I’m a volunteer photographer for The Gold Hope Project and Spectrum Inspired, both organizations that give free sessions to children and families who have incredible life stories + I’m a Beauty Revived Ambassador/ photographer.


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