SIXTY Second Motion January 2018

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When I see how much both my girls enjoy watching the video’s that I’ve created of them, it reaffirms that I’m doing something meaningful.

I don’t create any of my films with the intention of receiving any accolades or notoriety but simply to serve a purpose as a visual time capsule for my children + clients.

This year I promised myself that I would commit to creating a least one personal film a month because last year I didn’t create nearly as many as I wanted to.

To challenge myself and hold myself accountable, I teamed up with several talented photographers (Kelly HaymesNikki Gould and Jessica Pajimula) in a year long project that we’re calling SixtySecond Motion.

About this film

I shot the footage for this film during our most recent school snow day. We woke up surprised to see the amount of snow on the ground since it was supposed to be a light dusting. My mush ball pup Willow, absolutely LOVES playing in the snow and I thought how fun it would be to capture all three of my littles enjoying the snow on this day.

I intentionally slowed down the footage for this film to make it dramatic – a stark difference from my usual light and bubbly type of films.

Every month I’ll share the film that I’ve created and will link to the next photographer. We’ll all link to each other creating a loop until you reach back to my post. Our group is small and at 60 seconds each you’ll spend less than 5 minutes out of your day supporting + showing love to us.

Please head on over to see my girl Jessica’s Sixty Seconds of Motion film.

Author: Eboni Rivera

I’m a hugger (shaking hands feels too formal). I began learning photography back in 1996, mixing chemicals and developing film in a darkroom. I've spent the past 20+ years observing and learning about different genres but Documentary Family Photography is where I feel the most at home. The best photographs are ones with a real story behind it – the kind that immediately brings you back to that specific time and place, no matter how long ago it happened. I'm a Memory Preservationist. For me, it’s all about reminiscing and feeling nostalgia when you look at photos that make them so incredibly special.

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