SIXTY Second Motion February 2018

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This year I promised myself that I would commit to creating a least one personal Sixty Second Motion film a month because last year I didn’t create nearly as many as I wanted to. The more I dedicate the time to work on this personal project, I’m finding it much easier for me to develop a better sense of a concept and execute it in the way I envision it.

About this SIXTY Second Motion February 2018 film

I had another film creation in mind and I initially shot something completely different than what’s seen here. 

Instead, I decided to capture the carefree fun-loving spirit of these four incredible little girls. Two are my own and the other two are like my own. 

Here’s what a day of family board games look like when we visit our home a mile away from home. 

I really enjoy the fact that I’m taking time to preserve these memories for my family!

Please head on over to see my girl Jessica’s Sixty Seconds of Motion film.

Author: Eboni Rivera

I’m a hugger (shaking hands feels too formal). I began learning photography back in 1996, mixing chemicals and developing film in a darkroom. I've spent the past 20+ years observing and learning about different genres but Documentary Family Photography is where I feel the most at home. The best photographs are ones with a real story behind it – the kind that immediately brings you back to that specific time and place, no matter how long ago it happened. I'm a Memory Preservationist. For me, it’s all about reminiscing and feeling nostalgia when you look at photos that make them so incredibly special.

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