SIXTY Second Motion April 2018

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the ocean

can calm itself,

so can you.


are both 

salt water


with air”

Nayyirah Waheed

Last month my film was a tribute to showcase the way I feel when my girls are away from me. It’s no secret that I’m currently separated from my soon to be ex-husband and I’m in the thick of all the ebbs and flows that come with this emotional process.

This month I wanted to push a bit outside of my comfort zone and create a film that was representative of what I’d like to begin doing with my new found time while they’re gone for almost 46 hours.

I’ve always loved the beach. Luckily I live on an island, a long one to be frank. My home is about 10 minutes away from a body of water and this beach is a hidden gem that I like to sneak away to when I can.

It’s a shame that I live relatively close to at least a dozen beaches yet I hardly have the time to enjoy any of them. That needs to change.

Last year I made a promise to myself to spend at least 30min in the sand every morning after dropping my kids off at school. THAT NEVER HAPPENED.

After creating this film, and journaling my thoughts about it, I’ve been making a conscious effort to visit more often than not.

I’ve been there 3x’s this month so that’s a start…  


Play along, click here to see the amazing film about bee keeping from my girl Kelly at Momma Got Soul Photography.

Author: Eboni Rivera

I’m a hugger (shaking hands feels too formal). I began learning photography back in 1996, mixing chemicals and developing film in a darkroom. I've spent the past 20+ years observing and learning about different genres but Documentary Family Photography is where I feel the most at home. The best photographs are ones with a real story behind it – the kind that immediately brings you back to that specific time and place, no matter how long ago it happened. I'm a Memory Preservationist. For me, it’s all about reminiscing and feeling nostalgia when you look at photos that make them so incredibly special.

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