Not one of the cool Kids? Come sit with me.

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In the many years of my photography journey, I’ve always felt a void. A lack of belonging to the coveted ‘cool kids’ club with all the rock star photographers. You know the ones whose images you swoon over and the minute they post it get’s over 100+ likes instantly.

Nope – I think I can honestly say that that has NEVER happened to me and I doubt that it ever will.

At first, it used to play on my ego big time. Did I suck as a photographer? Are people telling me that my work is amazing when it’s anything but???

It took me a while to grow some thick skin and develop a sense of artistic worth but it didn’t come easy and I can say that there are definitely some days when those silly thoughts try to creep back into my head.

I know that I’m not alone in feeling this. There must be others out there (like me) who are also looking to find a place where they belong.

A place that’s vulnerable and soul-satisfying at the same time. With people who are real, are of substance and not just the picture-perfect image of what social media tells us we have to be.

It’s hard finding that place, especially virtually.

So if you find yourself standing in the center of the cafeteria with your tray in hand, feeling a little out of place – you can set your fears aside and come sit at the introverts table with me.

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Author: Eboni Rivera

I’m a hugger (shaking hands feels too formal). I began learning photography back in 1996, mixing chemicals and developing film in a darkroom. I've spent the past 20+ years observing and learning about different genres but Documentary Family Photography is where I feel the most at home. The best photographs are ones with a real story behind it – the kind that immediately brings you back to that specific time and place, no matter how long ago it happened. I'm a Memory Preservationist. For me, it’s all about reminiscing and feeling nostalgia when you look at photos that make them so incredibly special.

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