Your Very Own Insta-Virtual Assistant

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You started your photography business to follow your passion + make money $$$.

But instead of doing what you LOVE, you’re swamped with the backend stuff that is sucking the life out of your creativity.

Your fairytale dream of a career has now turned into an entrepreneurial nightmare – to say the least.

Frankly, you love being your own boss but may be finding some or all of the following statements to be true:

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed with the business end of running your photography business (you didn’t actually think I’d be all fun and games now did you?)
  • You hate that your To Do list never seems to get any smaller.
  • You feel like administrative tasks are boring and mundane.
  • You have an idea for a project but lack the administrative know-how of ow to execute it quickly.
  • You simply have NO desire to be stuck behind a computer all day doing something you hate. You want to be out and about CREATING things you love.
  • You are in no way an organized person and have no desire to become one. You’d rather pass the buck onto someone who’s cleverly good at keeping things in order.

Let’s face it, Running a photography business is hard work.

I’m sure there have been many times you’ve considered throwing in the towel. I know this because I’ve been there a time or two myself. ::guilty as charged::

I’ve been running my professional photography business  for a total of 6 years but only the last 2 of them have been successful. 

Wanna know how? I decided to run my business like ⎯ (lean in really close so no one will hear…) ⎯ it’s a business. 

Yep. You’re read that right. I ran my business like it was a business instead of winging it and throwing random promotions together.

Thankfully, I had over 10 years of experience being an executive assistant so transitioning into the paperwork part of my business wasn’t difficult for me at all whilst quite a few of my photog friends were struggling with it a bit.



Here’s where I can help

Insert and Signature Service →  Insta-Virtual Assistant

It’s Administrative Support at your Fingertips. Created specifically for busy photographers that don’t want to spend their time stuck at the computer doing dull work & uninspiring work. This service is great for anyone looking to cross more tasks off from their To Do list while freeing up time to do more of what they love doing ⎯ Shooting!

Got a one-off project that you’d like to get off your plate? Stop pulling your hair out doing tasks that you dread doing. If you’ve got a project that you finally want to check off your list or need a second pair of eyes on but can’t employ a full-time assistant, I can help.

I provide project solutions for creatives that are too busy to just get ‘er done or don’t feel like doing it themselves.

*Note, this is categorized as a freelance job and I will not become an employee of your company*


Through working with me you’ll:

01. Kick those pesky, mundane time sucking administrative tasks to the curb once and for all.




So how does it work?

Great question! Here’s what you can expect when you hire me as your Insta-Virtual Assistant.

We’ll schedule your personal 1:1 video call so we can get together and have a virtual coffee date.

During our time together we’ll discuss everything about your business: where you’re currently at, what you’d like help with, the whole gamut. 

After getting a thorough understanding of your business structure, I’ll help you prioritize the tasks should be tacked first and will give you an estimation of how many hours the project would take. 

Then I’ll send you a link to your private dropbox folder. Don’t worry about file sizes or space in your own dropbox account – I’ve got you covered! This is where we’ll be sharing files back and forth with one another during the time that I’m working on your project. 

That’s it. Working with me is super simple! You can hire me for one off projects or you can hire me for long-term continued maintenance.


You could spend days, weeks, or months wasting your time stuck on the hamster wheel…

>> Stop wasting trying to convince yourself that you will get all those tasks waiting on your To Do List done

>> Stop wasting time procrastinating to actually do all the things but not really making any progress. 

>> Stop wasting trying to learn, then do all the things that are necessary for the backend of your business.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a personal assistant to help you  with all the things on your plate?

By hiring an Insta-Virtual Assistant you WILL:

>>> Check that one task that’s been plaging you off the to-do list ::check::

>>> Save yourself the headache of doing boring, uninspiring work that you hate doing.

>>> Have more time available to take on more  paid sessions. Cha-Ching $$$

>>> Spend more time with your family. (after all we work so hard so that we can have the freedom to be with our family at our own leisure)


Your Insta-Virtual Assistant Options:


Pay as you Go 1hr Virtual Assistant Services • $60 per hour

Individual hours of virtual assisting for tasks discussed during the onboarding call.


6 Hours of Virtual Assistant Services • $350

I’ll dedicate 3 hours to working on your project during this week.  You may add more hours individually to this package if more time is needed for your project. 



10 Hours of Virtual Assistant Services + 2 BONUS Hours• $600 

This package if for a larger scale project that will take more than a week to complete. I’ll dedicate 12 hours to working on your project for up to 30 days or until the project is completed. Roll over hours remains active for an additional 14 days if unused.


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She was super easy to work with and was extremely efficient

I needed to rework my promotional video so it could auto play on my website without any audio. I had all the original RAW files and Eboni understood my vision very clearly. She was super easy to work with and was extremely efficient with my desired timeline. Eboni delivered exactly the product I was hoping for! I’m really excited about this new and improved video, and I love that she also added an option to still include music should I ever need that feature. Thanks so much!


Once you've decided on which tasks + projects you'd like more help with, you'll head to my sign up link and do the following: 

01. Select the package with the amount of time that's necessary for your project. (Don't worry, you can always upgrade your package as needed).

02. Schedule your on-boarding consultation date and time.

03. Make your payment 

04. Fill out your intake form so that I'll have all the basic info about you and your company before we spend time together on our call.

05. Get ready to take a deep breath of relief cause girl you just turned your “ain’t nobody got time for dat” into a “she just did that!”


You Don't Need an Insta-Virtual Assistant if:

  • You're perfectly content DIY'ing your content, documents, forms and projects for your business
  • You not looking to increase your overall productivity and being efficient in your business
  • You have absolutely no desire whatsoever to spend time making more money doing what you love
  • You like doing boring mundane tasks that you could easily pass off to someone else who more efficient 


You may need an Insta-Virtual Assistant if:

  • it takes you hours to create forms and documents, etc for your business, which takes away from time you could be out shooting & making more money. 


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She completed the work in a timely manner

I hired Eboni to help me with a mailing I needed to organize to promote my design business for an upcoming trade show. She completed the work in a timely manner, in fact ahead of schedule!  The work she provided was exactly as I needed it to be. She was able to recreate the forms that I needed from image of a previous version used the year prior. Communication was excellent and it was great to work with her! I will be sure to call her next time I need VA services.