SIXTY Second Motion July 2018

* 2 min. read

My goodness, SUMMERTIME  is in full swing here in Long Island, NY!!!

This summer I promised my girls that I’d be more of a “present mommy” vs. the dreaded “working mommy“. Truth be told, they’ve been loving all the extra time that I’ve not been tethered to my computer.

We’ve been spending more time in our pool which honestly has become more enjoyable for everyone since they are much older and able to “touch bottom” as they put it.

Still, it’s a body of water so attention must be given at all times for safety. But I have to admit that it’s rather nice not having a young struggling swimmer clinging to your body for the entire time (I’m just sayin’). With my new found [water] freedom, I’m actually able to be more playful with them.

Our pool experiences have become a part of our daily after-camp routine and are so much fun. I decided to dedicate this month’s 60 sixty second motion film to it. 


Here’s a fun fact about the creation of this film which I’m incredibly proud of…

I didn’t use any fancy underwater camera housings, casings, or hand stabilizers. All the footage for this video was shot solely with my iPhone 7 plus in my bare hands. Will I win any academy awards for film production? Absolutely not! But I had so much fun filming and creating this little video and now I have a treasured keepsake that my children absolutely adore watching.

Got another minute to spare?

Or three I should say… Check it, I’m part of a group of fabulous photographers that have committed to creating a 60 second  motion film each month. My girl Kelly Haymes of Momma Got Soul Photography created a beautiful film that captures the last days she’s spending in her home.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through IG, please take a moment to support a creative by clicking this link to follow along. We’ve all worked so hard and are proud to share our art with the world. Thanks so much! <3