365 Project Photoshop Template Instructions

* 2 min. read

How to Insert Your Photos

> Open the document for the month you want to create.
> Click the arrow (>) on the corresponding day number to reveal the layers for that date. You’ll see two layers, one named [Placeholder] and the other [Insert Image Below this…]
> To insert your image, click [Placeholder] then in the menu bar up top click File >Place Linked…
> Choose your image for the specified day of the month and place. You can resize your image to the approximate size of the rectangle (Shortcut: press Ctrl + T, if resizing isn’t automatically available) and press enter.
> Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the file into the Photoshop document. Just be sure to highlight the placeholder first so that it is entered in the right location.
> Your images should automatically be sandwiched in-between the two layers and the clipping mask applied, but in case they don’t, you can manually drag the image layer above the [Placeholder] layer and below the [Insert Image Below this Hidden Layer] layer. and apply your clipping mask. *Note: hidden layer should be turned off (hidden).
> To manually create a clipping mask, select image layer then in the menu bar up top click LAYER > Create Clipping Mask (Shortcut: press Alt+ Cmd + G)
> Resize (Ctrl + T) or move your image around as necessary.
> Repeat.
> Save your file and share. Congratulations! You did it.
Photo Credit: Sarah Joos

Customization & Tips

• If at any time you’re having any difficulty, check out this video tutorial for help.
• The ratio of the rectangles is your standard 4×6 images (3:2). To save time with clipping masks, you can resize all of your images prior to inserting them into the template.
• Note: this template was created for landscape images if you want to insert a portrait image you may have to manipulate it a bit to make it fit/look right.
• You can delete the layer titled *Insert Image Below this Hidden Layer* or just keep hidden.
• Optional Days of the Week layer is included. Just turn on the layer to reveal it.
• The month text is moveable. To move, select the move tool (Shortcut: V) and place in the desired location.
• The month text can be changed to your desired color choice. To adjust the colors, double-click on the thumbnail (make sure not to click on the layer name but on the thumbnail) in front of the layer. Select color choice from popup color picker.
• The template comes with white, black or transparent backgrounds to fit your needs. To select your background color, click on Background Colors folder + make layer choice visible.